Jack Grealish’s girlfriend Sascha Attwood should copy Kate Middleton and go on a break until he knows what… – The US Sun

Jack Grealish’s girlfriend Sascha Attwood should copy Kate Middleton and go on a break until he knows what… – The US Sun

YOU’VE got to feel for Jack Grealish’s long-term girlfriend Sasha Attwood.

Having met him at school (when Man City was a mere twinkle in his eye) she’s put in about ten years of hard slog at the pit face of potential Wagdom.


Jack’s girl should copy Kate Middleton to win the Mrs Grealish title, says Jane MooreCredit: Splash

Maybe she doesn’t want to get married, or maybe her engagement ring mood board on Pinterest is now running to several pages.

Who knows? She was spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger in November, but there’s been no official announcement.

Meanwhile, she’s still having to play Wag whack-a-mole and fend off potential rivals for the, ahem, prize, of being Jack’s one and only.

The latest unsettling story to surface is that 26-year-old Jack partied with Towie’s Chloe Brockett just days after the Euros final.

He was in Mykonos with pals when he “made a beeline” for her at a bar then, after “talking, drinking and enjoying ourselves” he “asked me to come back to his villa”.

He invited her on several occasions too and, in one text, jokingly suggested they “Netflix and chill”.

Which, hot on the heels of the claims that he enjoyed “secret dates” with Inbetweeners star Emily Atack must, at the very least, be destabilising for his girlfriend to read.

That’s the problem with dating a Premier League footballer.

From the outside, life as a Wag looks appealing to legions of young women who dream of the privileged lifestyle that comes with it.

But on the inside, as Sasha might testify, you’re constantly dealing with the reality that other women are keen on it too and the temptations come thick and fast.

Jack knows Sasha loves him for who he is, rather than what he does for a living, and that’s a precious commodity in this fame-obsessed world.

But equally, they were just kids when they met and, seeing his single team-mates playing the field on a night out, it must take an iron will for a young man not to have his head turned. Particularly when he has only ever had the same girlfriend.


Last May, Man Utd star Marcus Rashford broke up with his childhood sweetheart Lucia Loi after eight years together.

At the time, I wrote: “She knew him before he became famous, doesn’t buy in to the ‘Wag’ lifestyle and friends say the couple still have ‘strong mutual love and respect for each other’.

“Something tells me that once Marcus has played the field a little and found it heavily populated by empty-headed Wag wannabes whose primary concern is getting the latest designer handbag, he will realise what he’s lost and do everything to try to win her back.”

Yesterday, The Sun reported the couple are now back together.

Equally, Prince William started dating Kate Middleton at university but, in 2007, …….

Source: https://www.the-sun.com/news/4443479/jack-grealish-sasha-attwood-kate-middleton/

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