Swim in Style: Blue Haven Pools and Spa Was Part of the 2021 Big Brother Australia VIP – Digital Journal

Swim in Style: Blue Haven Pools and Spa Was Part of the 2021 Big Brother Australia VIP – Digital Journal

4 Elements to Create a Luscious Plunge Pool in Sydney, NSW

December 13, 2021 – Blue Haven Pools and Spas, Sydney’s most innovative pool builder, was one of the exclusive suppliers of the star-studded Big Brother Australia VIP 2021. Their Blue Haven pool was the centrepiece of the outdoor fun at the Big Brother Hotel, the show’s location and first-ever luxury hotel located in Sydney Olympic Park. Superbly-positioned and thoughtfully-designed to evoke a sultry vibe, this was exactly where things got heated. 

Big Brother Australia invited 12 VIPs to take a vacation from their celebrity lives and be part of a once in a lifetime experience. The elite group was at the mercy of Big Brother’s game for 22 days as they vied to win $100,000 for their nominated charity. The stellar season aired its final episode last 23rd November with Reality TV star Luke Toki crowned as the winner. 

Some of the VIPs the show had included former Olympian and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Caitlyn Jenner, Meghan Markle’s estranged half-brother Thomas, and Married At First Sight Australia star Jessika Power.

Pool design is endlessly inventive but for Australians looking for an alluring visual impact, Blue Haven Pools and Spas recently released a comprehensive article on the 4-step recipe that will turn a backyard into a sexy and magical wonderland. This was from their very own CEO Remonda Martinez who is highly respected for her formidable talent in design.  

• Pool Lights 

Pool lights can give an unprecedented sense of drama and mystery. Despite being simple, outdoor lighting could transform even the most mundane backyard into a magical space. It highlights and accentuates any architectural elements and outdoor landscape features. Pool lighting also enhances the visibility and safety of plunge pools. 

From submersible and surface mounted pool fixtures, all one needs is an expert in pool design. Lights come in many forms but LED lights have become the standard with the downsides of incandescent and halogen lights. With good contactors, lights can transform any outdoor space. 

• Poolside Lounge 

The ambience around poolsides conjures up images of dreamy romanticism. A poolside lounge is therefore a perfect spot for date nights, not to mention platonic bonding with friends and family. People love unwinding in a space where they can watch the flow of water and listen to the sound of water. 

Pool lounges complement pools by providing a properly aligned space to soak up the sun, have romantic moments, or even spend time alone with personal thoughts on starry nights. They have easily become a regular indulgence for homeowners and they rightfully deserve their glory.

• Firepits 

A backyard setting with a firepit instantly becomes more beautiful and sexier. Fire has been a symbol of passion, purification, spirituality and positive energy. Fire is in fact the only Aristotelian element that man can generate, therefore the gift of fire represents kinship between mortals and gods. 

Not a believer? — A fire pit will still be of immense value. Firepits …….

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